How Startups Should Activate New Messaging

March 21, 2024

I'm never surprised when I hear this question from CEOs going through messaging sprints with me:

"How do we make sure the team will use this after we're done?"

It seems like almost every CEO I talk to has a story about a time when an expensive consultant delivered a strategic plan that never got fully implemented by the team.I get it, trust me.

I've seen it happen before while working FT for startups.There's nothing worse than paying big bucks for a consultant and then never doing anything with the work they did.

It sucks.

That's why I'm so passionate about helping my clients with activating messaging inside and outside the organization.Most consultants don't stick around to help with activation.


Because it's hard. It's messy. It takes collaboration, trust, and commitment from multiple teams.

But I love the challenge.

Watch the video to hear my thoughts on how to activate messaging successfully.

These aren't assumptions or theories—I've been helping teams successfully activate messaging for four years now.

I know what it takes and I can help you do it the right way.